Key points of Header Bidding programmatic solution

Header Bidding high revenue
Revenue is higher.
The average uplift is at 10-30%, you get highest bids for any ad inventory and increase your overall yield.
Header Bidding access to demand
Access to demand.
Directly integrated world's major ad buyers sees your ad inventory and bid on each impression at the same time, publisher holds auction, publisher decides who will bid on it’s inventory.
Header Bidding easy copy/paste integration
Easy copy/paste integration.
Put few lines of code into your website's header and take all the profits from this integration which is also compatible with traditional 'waterfall' solution.
Header Bidding minimal latency
Minimal latency.
Content of your website delivers before advertisement, decreasing latency, bringing better user experience and trust to your website. Header Bidding wrapper loads asynchronously, performs auction in the background. Publisher collect all the ad data and builds own advertisement strategy smarter, based on live numbers.